How to trade?

Axes Metaverse is a blockchain-based project that includes many games of various genres in which you can equally use your skills and abilities to earn real money!
What is an NFT?
Usually, when purchasing some in-game valuables, you permanently bind them to your account without the possibility of transferring or exchanging them with other players. And even in projects where such an exchange is possible, various internal restrictions are implemented. However, in case of NFT assets, each item, avatar or land becomes your asset.

You become the owner of the gaming property reflected on the blockchain in a full-fledged manner. You can freely exchange, sell, and transfer items.
Do the developers pay me for playing?
Not exactly. Each of the assets you get in the game are special entities within the metaverse that provide certain benefits and have their own use. Thus, other players purchase assets from you, while the developers receive % from trading transactions.
In Axes Metaverse, it is possible to get a valuable NFT asset without having to buy an NFT hero. You just have to play! You get Potions with some chance for killing enemies in the game that can also be sold on the marketplace.
Can I earn without investments?
How can I get Potions?
Even if you don't have an NFT character, during the game you have a chance to get Axes Metaverse Potion for killing an enemy in a battle. Potions can be withdrawn from the game to your crypto wallet in the form of an NFT token using the inventory - potions section in your profile. After you claim the tokens, you can sell them to other players on the marketplace for real money.
Why are Potions valuable?
As we said above, there are NFT characters in the game that are stronger and faster than ordinary heroes. Players use them as alternative ways to earn money. Each hero gets tired after several battles or long-lasting mining.

As tiredness increases, the hero's main characteristics — Health Point, Damage, Mining Power — will gradually decrease with each new unit of Tiredness. To decrease the tiredness, you need to use the bottles. With every 100 units of tiredness, the hero gets older and becomes less susceptible to the effect of the Potion. The hero will need more Potions to relieve the same amount of tiredness.

Many players do not want to spend much time farming Potions or they need too many of them for a comfortable game, which is why they decide to buy them on the Marketplace.
If players do not want to be limited in earning only on potions, they can purchase an NFT asset of the hero to discover new opportunities: stronger characters for winning matches and effective mining.

Both of these opportunities open access to earning Axes Metaverse Shards.
How can I increase my earnings?
How to get a hero?
To get a hero, you need to connect your wallet to the website and use one of the following methods:

1. Purchase a hero or a chest from someone on the Marketplace
2. Summon a hero through the Portal

For both of these methods, you must have BUSD or Axes Metaverse Shards in your wallet, as well as BNB to pay the transaction fee. Read how to purchase heroes in our detailed guide.
How to get AMS?
AXES METAVERSE SHARDS (AMS) is the cryptocurrency of our project, which can be sold and bought for real money.

In Axes Metaverse, the game is divided into Seasons that last approximately 2 weeks each. Every season, the strongest and most skilled players compete with each other in ranked matches, where you get points for a win, and lose them for the defeat. Those players, who have the most points by the end of the Season, take the prize-winning place in the leaderboard and, depending on how far they are ahead of the rest, receive a relevant reward in AMS.

Play and win to earn more!
Can I earn without actively playing Axes Metaverse?
If you don't want to waste your time on ranked games or you are not sure you will climb the leaderboard, there's an alternative for you: send your NFT characters to mine AMS. Thus, you can passively generate income without taking any additional actions.
What should I do with AMS if I have already received them?
You can spend them on summoning NFT characters through the Portal or upgrade your heroes to a higher level. You can also sell them for real money. Read how to do it here.
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