Connect wallet and get

Why is it needed to connect the wallet?
In Axes Metaverse, you can use NFT assets to earn real money. All earnings in the game are based on the the blockchain technology, so it is important to have a special wallet and connect it to your account in the game.

You can generate income in the game in different ways: most of them do not require investments from you. There are several ways to earn money — both actively and passively.
Earning in-game rewards also allows you to obtain increased rating which is rewarded by coins, keep playing and winning!
Great, you got your new heroes via our marketplace!
Which can be traded
on multiple exchanges..
Due to the natural appreciation of assets, your purchase increases in price
The received AMS token
is precisely the asset that represents the value
For real money!
What is the wallet
Blockchain wallet is an advanced system that provides secure storage of digital currency.
When carrying out transactions, users are required to pay a small commission fee.
Our marketplace supports the use of MetaMask, an open-source Ethereum wallet, that supports all kinds of Ethereum-based tokens.

After creating a wallet, you can connect it to the website and transfer all your assets to it: NFT heroes, Shards and Potions. Thus, NFTs become your property and you can exchange them with other players using our Marketplace.
Potions and how to sell them
In Axes Metaverse, you can earn without any investments.
Axes Metaverse Potion (AMP) will help you with that. You may notice those Potion dropping with some chance after killing enemies in the game. If you connect a wallet, you can withdraw them from the game to the blockchain and sell them on our Marketplace for real money!

Other players can buy Axes Metaverse Potion (AMP) to decrease tiredness of their NFT heroes. Tiredness accumulates for all actions in the game and does not allow to use the heroes as efficiently as previously.
Another way to generate income in Axes Metaverse is to gain rating points.
Fighting with other players and winning allows you to get points, the number of which determines your position in the leaderboard. As prizes at the end of the season, players receive AXES METAVERSE SHARDS (AMS). It is the native cryptocurrency of Axes Metaverse, which can be sold and bought for real money.

What can you do with AMS besides selling them? You can spend them to summon NTF characters through the special Portal or upgrade your heroes to a higher level. By connecting the wallet, you get the opportunity to withdraw the received AMS and start generating income.
Download the MetaMask extension to the browser and create a wallet

How to connect wallet?

Don’t forget to unblur seed phrase.

Be extremely careful and save all the seed phrases in the reliable storage or carrier (preferably not on an Internet-connected device).
Sign in on our website
Press connect MetaMask
Switch to BSC
In the pop-up window, select Approve
Go to profile settings.
In the pop-up window, select Approve
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