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Azur Gamess an international mobile game developer and publisher
Founded in 2017, the company is currently one of the Top 3 mobile worldwide publishers by downloads — in 2021, we’ve surpassed the 2,5 billion download mark. Our portfolio has more than 150 high-performing projects played by 30 million users worldwide every day.
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The Azur Games team consists of over 500 gifted professionals working remotely and from our offices all over the world. Together, we’re doing everything to make sure talented game developers see their projects at the top of the charts.
World War Heroes
Modern Strike Online
Axes metaverse is a cascade of games that grew out of the blockchain version of, which turned into one of our key worlds - Axes Battleground. In all games of the meta universe you can use the same NFTs and make in-game purchases for AXES Shards exactly as well as earning them for activities.
AXES Infinite Islands
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Every hero in Axes Metaverse can be either on-chain (represented by NFT token) or off-chain. Off-chain heroes are provided to all new players of Axes Metaverse free of charge.
Choose your hero:
There are 7 Races in Axes Metaverse which will be introduced wave by wave based on the story. Players now have access to heroes of 3 Races: Human, Elf, Treant and each hero represents one of the 5 classes: Knight, Barbarian, Rogue, Ranger, Mage. Both the class and race of the characters determines the bonuses he receives in each of the modes and features of his gameplay in it.
Tied to the same universe, all Axes Metaverse games will share a common economy. Player resources earned in one game can be used in another. Train a hero in one game, and then send them to another? Easy! This is one world.
Choose the way to play and earn that you like
Fight others
Earn resources
Rent NFTs
Do what you like, but get the same result — you can earn by playing any of the metaverse games or all of them at once
Choose the world you wish!
Infinite Islands
Players can enter the game and play using free untokenized heroes. You can play either from your desktop or mobile device using the same account.
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Directly controlling one of their heroes, players will be able to take part in large-scale royal battles to exterminate monsters in the campaign mode.
Is a multiplayer action game.
It is the first game in Axes Metaverse
Will you be able to calculate the enemy and hit with your attack, or will you miss and die from the oncoming blow? Everything depends on you!
All attacks in the game are non-target, which allows you to dodge them and makes aiming accuracy a matter of life and death
Each hero has four active abilities, unique depending on the class of the hero
The battle level, in contrast to the level of hero improvement, works only within one battle and will be reset after the end of the match. 

By earning experience and battle levels faster than other players, you can gain significant initiative and emerge victorious from the battle.
During the battle, heroes can earn experience and gain battle levels
Launch marketplace
Allow to redeem
Q1 2022
Launch closed alpha
Conduct GAO #2 and #3
Launch community test
Seed round is closed
Implement Tiredness mechanic to improve NFT sustainability
Q2 2022
Launch Battleground Open Beta
Release mobile apps on App Store & Google Play
Guild management tools integration
Q3 2022
Full release of Axes.Battleground
Alpha test of Axes.Islands
Q4 2022
Axes.Kingdom wars Alpha
Q1 2023
Axes.Islands release
Q2 2023
Tier1 CEX listing
Development start on Axes.Islands
Token integration
10+ MORE