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What makes Axes Metaverse so special?
Backed by 10 years of mobile game development experience
Axes Metaverse is developed by Azur Games, an international mobile game developer and publisher with more than 70 successfully launched games and more than 2 billion installs all over the world.
Our Top Games
Axes metaverse is designed to empower players ownership through tokenization of characters, in-game assets and lands. Our metaverse is centered around Axes Hunters - playable NFT characters. They can be used in different game modes, upgraded or traded on the marketplace.
Our metaverse belongs to players
We are going to deepen the lore of this world, implement different Play-to-Earn mechanics and empower player ownership by integrating blockchain technologies.
Based on a successfully performing mobile game
Axes metaverse is meta-universe empowered by blockchain technologies and created on the basis of the Axes game. Axes has 30+ milllion installs and is available on AppStore, Google Play, Playstation and Xbox stores.
Worm Zone
total downloads
Battle Royale
Do your best to become the last one standing in the diminishing arenas with unique landscapes and power-ups.
play to earn
PvE Dungeons
Send your heroes to the darkest dungeons to earn gold, resources and fame.
More Exciting Modes
We are constantly developing new game modes and expanding the borders of our metaverse. Subscribe to our socials and don't miss the announce.
Metaverse Overview
Lend your characters to other players when you don’t use them and share the rewards. Stake Axes Metaverse tokens to get rewards. Provide liquidity to increase your profits.
DeFi Instruments
Every NFT in Axes Metaverse can be traded on a public marketplace for Axes Metaverse tokens.
Trade your NFT
Send a team of up to 5 NFT heroes to the darkest dungeons and earn daily rewards.
NFT Farm
Compete in different game modes, climb to the top of the leaderboards and get your rewards in Axes Metaverse tokens.
Seasonal Token Rewards
Don't miss our first Game Asset Offering in Axes Metaverse
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February 22
January 22
December 21
November 21
Reveal NFT Heroes and Items
Game mechanics and P2E economy optimization
Community test
Initial decentralized offering (IDO)
Game asset offering (GAO): Items
Design P2E modes: dungeon, auto battler, conquests
Launch the testnet version for partners
Launch metaverse website
Build community
Design tokenomics
Launch marketplace v0.1
Game asset offering (GAO): Hero chests
Our Team
Project Lead
Iliya Novikov
Lead Game Designer
Georgiy Yushkevich
CPO of Axes Metaverse
Andrey Abramov
CRO of Azur Games
Maxim Kozhnov
CEO of Azur Games
Dmitry Yaminsky
What is Axes Metaverse?
Axes Metaverse is a blockchain-based meta-universe created by Azur Games, one of the world's leading mobile game publishers. Our goal is to provide our players with unique gaming experience through empowering player ownership by implementing blockchain technologies.
What will be the base blockchain for the NFTs and Axes Metaverse token?
The blockchain part of our metaverse is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
What is NFT in the game?
On the first stage of the tokenization, Axes Metaverse will have NFT assets of heroes, inventory items and lands.
When to buy Axes Metaverse NFTs?
The first Game Asset Offering (GAO) will be announced by the end of November 2021.
Where to sell Axes Metaverse NFTs?
You will be able to trade NFTs on Axes Metaverse Marketplace which is to be launched by the end of 2021.
What is the utility of Axes Metaverse token?
Axes Metaverse token allows universe citizens to easily transfer value within its parts, trade on the marketplace and upgrade NFTs.
How can I earn Axes Metaverse tokens?
You will be able to earn Axes Metaverse tokens both in a passive and active ways: NFT farming allows you to earn Axes Metaverse tokens based on the power and rarity of NFTs you own while engaging in different in-game activities and progressing in the story mode will allow you to earn regular Axes Metaverse token rewards (season rewards, leaderboard rewards)
Where can I play the game?
You can play it on your iOS and Android devices or using a Web browser.
I have some questions or I need help
Please ask your questions in our Telegram chat or Discord channel. Our community members or moderators will help you in a wink of an eye.
I have a business proposal
Please send your business inquiries to We will respond within 24 hours.
Stay tuned and get notified when GAO is announced