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The first game mode of Axes Metaverse is a battle royale game where Axes Hunters will compete on deadly arenas.

Axes Metaverse tokens can also be traded on the exchange. Become the early adopter and don't miss your chance to become the king of the arena.

Show opponents your skill and earn Axes Metaverse tokens that you can use for upgrading your heroes and items.

Choose your hero:
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Class: Knight
Race: Humans
Many of the Axes Hunters know who Eric the Brave is. He is a former Knight of the Royal Guard, a bit silly but extremely courageous. After he cracked down Rhino, the most dangerous criminal in the kingdom of Valoran, he set off on a journey for Axes Shards.
Eric the Brave
Class: Barbarian
Race: Humans
Lashing out like a tiger, Beth can horrify everyone in the battle. Although she is quite cute, beth is a battle-hardened northerner, all in battle tattoos.
Class: Ranger
Race: Humans
The dominator of range attacks. Jim is always as tense as a bowstring tighten, as well as his loyal friend Rico. Jim saved him when he was a baby bird, and now, when the hysteria over the Shards begins, Hunters became ranger's main target.
Diana is an experienced mage who even has her own library of books dedicated to magic. She always seems harmless and innocent until the situation obliges to use one of the most effective and eye-catching skills in the whole metaverse.
Race: Humans
Class: Mage
A murderer and a thief named Basilisk. Distinctive features: a red lens on the left eye cornea. Sneaky and clever, Rogue always attacks unexpectedly. His movements are so quick and unobvious that it seemed like it's just a gust of wind.
Race: Humans
Class: Ranger
Irwig always dreamed of becoming a warrior when he was a child, which is extremely atypical for Elves. Irwig was promoted to captain of the guards after killing Kilian who was a kingdom traitor. During that battle, with no magical power, Irwig somehow managed to focus and throw colossal energy and hence win the duel.
Race: Elves
Class: Knight
Seraph is one of the strongest Elf in the history. Every time he meet bandits, he leaves no chance for them to stay alive. And after each and every battle he makes a vow to give up robbery and find a normal job. But he still breakes promises.
Race: Elves
Class: Barbarian
Louna grew up in a simple and hard-working family. The never-ending curiosity combined with courage helped Louna become the first Axes Hunter of the Elf race.
Race: Elves
Class: Ranger
Elves are a magic folk a priori. And Fiona is the most powerful magician of the Elf race. When Diana, a Mage of Valoran, first met her, Fiona showed incomparable magic skills. The rumors about Fiona quickly spread all around the metaverse.
Race: Elves
Class: Mage
Kilian Jr
Kilian Jr. was not very friendly with his older brother who was killed by Irvig. But now he lives only for vengeance. He is yet not as experienced as his brother, but his potential and ambitions can shake the whole metaverse already in the nearest future.
Race: Elves
Class: Rogue
Brut is an unspoken guardian of Falaran Forest. He is the only one who managed to win the fight with th revived mountain of moss and lichen. His bravery is the pride for all Treants.
Race: Treants
Class: Knight
The Elves will remember Crig for a long time. His attacks are sudden so that even magical and smart elves could not jump back or group themselves.
Race: Treants
Class: Barbarian
Bobur is a silent forester. Strict and indifferent, he won't let anyone destroy the peace of Treants. His arrows' whistling means someone has just paid the price for disturbing the jungle.
Race: Treants
Class: Ranger
Olfa is a forest beauty. But this beauty can pick up and throw boulders as big as wagons. If you don't believe us, ask Basilisk who will never annoy Olfa after their previous fight.
Race: Treants
Class: Mage
Black Root
Black Root is a cursed Treant. Citizens of Emerald Grove are afraid of his nature although Black Root is clearly on the side of good. Surrounding fear made him a lone warrior.
Race: Treants
Class: Rogue
How to earn easy
Earning in-game rewards also allows you to obtain increased rating which is rewarded by coins, keep playing and winning!
Great, you got your new heroes via our marketplace!
Which can be traded
on multiple exchanges..
Due to the natural appreciation of assets, your purchase increases in price
The received AMS token
is precisely the asset that represents the value
For real money!
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Seasonal Token Rewards
Compete in different game modes, climb to the top of the leaderboards and get your rewards in Axes Metaverse tokens.
DeFi Instruments
Lend your characters to other players when you don’t use them and share the rewards. Stake Axes Metaverse tokens to get rewards. Provide liquidity to increase your profits.
Trade your NFT
Every NFT in Axes Metaverse can be traded on a public marketplace for Axes Metaverse tokens.
NFT Farm
Send a team of up to 5 NFT heroes to the darkest dungeons and earn daily rewards.
Events and possibilities
Public relations
Don’t miss these amazing heroes!
Do your best to become the last standing in the diminishing arenas with unique landscape and power-ups.
What is Axes Metaverse?
Axes Metaverse is a blockchain-based meta-universe created by Azur Games, one of the world's leading mobile game publishers. Our goal is to provide our players with unique gaming experience through empowering player ownership by implementing blockchain technologies.
What will be the base blockchain for the NFTs and Axes Metaverse token?
The blockchain part of our metaverse is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
What is NFT in the game?
On the first stage of the tokenization, Axes Metaverse will have NFT assets of heroes, inventory items and lands.
When to buy Axes Metaverse NFTs?
Join our social media accounts to stay tuned for the latest project news and announces.
Where to sell Axes Metaverse NFTs?
You will be able to trade NFTs on Axes Metaverse Marketplace which is to be launched by the end of 2021.
What is the utility of Axes Metaverse token?
Axes Metaverse token allows universe citizens to easily transfer value within its parts, trade on the marketplace and upgrade NFTs.
How can I earn Axes Metaverse tokens?
You will be able to earn Axes Metaverse tokens both in a passive and active ways: NFT farming allows you to earn Axes Metaverse tokens based on the power and rarity of NFTs you own while engaging in different in-game activities and progressing in the story mode will allow you to earn regular Axes Metaverse token rewards (season rewards, leaderboard rewards)
Where can I play the game?
You can play it on your iOS and Android devices or using a Web browser.
I have some questions or I need help
Please ask your questions in our Telegram chat or Discord channel. Our community members or moderators will help you in a wink of an eye.
I have a business proposal
Please send your business inquiries to We will respond within 24 hours.
Smart contract security audit
Axes Metaverse has gone through the comprehensive audit process conducted by Smart State 

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